Friday, April 24, 2015

All good things must come to an end—8 weeks

In some ways time as has gone by so fast, it seems like we just got here and settled and now it is time to leave.  In other ways, it feels like we have been here for a long time, we have done so many things, the days have been long, and it has been a great experience. 

 Our Easter celebration

 Sharing the Good News!

 How to dye an Easter egg

They had never seen anything like this!

A typical day during the week has included getting up, a time in the Word together, Scott goes to work, and the rest do school.   Homeschooling has been challenging in many ways.  Some children do not always do their best and prolong work that could be accomplished in a much shorter period of time.  Unlike most homeschoolers, we did not go through a homeschool “curriculum” and tried to stick with our local school because the kids will re-enroll when we return next week.  After school, we would typically go to the park near the apartment where we have met many people and developed many relationships that have led to some good, meaningful conversations about life, God, and eternal things. 

 Playing on the Wuhan University main campus

A great visit with old friends

Some days we cook dinner in our small apartment and other times we go and enjoy the local cuisine, which is very inexpensive and often times cheaper than cooking in! 

A going away banquet with colleagues

Now that our time is coming to an end we really want to try and see all of our new friends to have an appropriate good-bye, visit some of the famous sites in Wuhan, and end our time well.  Everyone has been so nice, hospitable, and giving.  In so many ways our cultures are so different…but we are so alike in many ways as well.  Everybody is searching for “something” to satisfy them…whether American or Chinese, we try to satisfy ourselves with knowledge, entertainment, money, and many things of the world.  The consistent thing between us is that none of it truly satisfies, we constantly want more, more, and more.  Fortunately, we have the knowledge and relationship with the one true God that can completely satisfy everything within us.  The people in China are looking for this just like the people in America, we are just fortunate to be able to find Truth with much more freedom.  We will share more on this later.  Our love for the people and culture as grown with our time here, and we have an even deeper yearning to tell them the true meaning of life and our hope in Christ.  They are so open to the Truth and the Lord is moving in many ways here.

When we told a friend we were Christian he wanted
 to show us one of the only churches in Wuhan!

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